Monday, September 24, 2012

BPotW China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Fingerpaints Brilliant Brushstroke

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I didn't get this post up sooner. I've been extremely busy and have been away. If I can't get the Boyfriend's Pick of the Week up sooner than I have lately, I'm just going to call it Boyfriend's Pick. I'll see how things go. I don't want to disappoint any of you!

The boyfriend picked China Glaze Ruby Pumps last week and dumb me thought it was just a glitter topcoat polish so I was going to use Fingerpaints Brilliant Brushstroke as a base, but I was in for a surprise when I realized it really wasn't just a glitter topcoat. It actually had a red base! So I just went ahead and kept both on since I actually really like Brilliant Brushstroke more than I thought.

Ruby Pumps is a gorgeous red base loaded with red glitter. This was part of the China Glaze Loves You Snow Much Holiday 2009 collection. Fingerpaints Brilliant Brushstroke is a bright cherry red with gold microglitter/shimmer.

Both are 3 coats with no top coat. Brilliant Brushstroke is on my index and ring finger and Ruby Pumps is on my middle and pinky finger.

Both formulas are pretty good.  Even with 3 coats they can be a little on the sheer side. I like Brilliant Brushstroke a little more than Ruby Pumps. Which do you like more?


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