About Me


I am Emily! I'm currently 21 years old. I live in North Carolina, US. Not too much goes on around here in my opinion.

I love makeup, nail polish, photography and art.  I probably always will! I have never taken any classes for what I do, I simply just learned it over the years by trial and error, watching videos, and reading.

I have a WIDE variety of pets since my family owns a "farm" type of thing. We have chickens, ducks, a peacock, dogs, cats, birds, etc. We like to take in strays and adopt animals from the local shelter.  I, myself, have 4 kitties and 2 birds.  I love them!

I also have another blog for makeup reviews, tutorials, etc. which you can view HERE.

Hope you enjoy my blog! Don't forget to follow me or bookmark me if you like my blogs! :)