Monday, January 28, 2013

Zoya- Happi


I bought this polish (along with Skylar and Zara) for the Zoya promo. I've really been feeling springy pinks lately, so I felt this was completely appropriate.

Zoya descripes Happi as a "Pink metallic duochrome. A frosty hint of gold creates a unique peachy-pink."  I had no issues with the formula, although it can be a little sheer.

This is 3 coats along with OPI Rapidry.

I'll have swatches of Skylar and Zara up soon.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OPI- Pros & Bronze

Pros & Bronze is part of the Serena Glam Slam collection (along with Love Is A Racket). I found my collection at Ulta a little over a year ago on clearance.

Pros & Bronze is described as "a glimmering golden-bronze" by OPI, but it's so much more than that. It's full of little flakes that make up the polish. Depending on the light, it flashes gold, bronze, pink, and copper. It's definitely one of my favorite polishes, I just hate how it tends to clash with my skin tone.

This is 3 coats with Rapidry top coat.

In shade

Pros & Bronze is a little sheer, so 2 coats would probably work although I used 3 for full coverage.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pure Ice- Glass of Bordeaux

This is one of the polishes I was given for Christmas (along with some of the other new colors). Glass of Bordeaux is part of Pure Ice's French Trend collection. Pure Ice's website describes Glass of Bordeaux as burgundy glitter. I believe their descriptions are a bit "off" considering the polish is red micro glitter in a thin black base.

I had no problems with application. The polish can be a little sheer, so 3 coats are needed. I really like this polish, I just wish the red glitter would shine through as much as the bottle shows it.

This is 3 coats with OPI Rapidry top coat.

Indirect sunlight

Indirect sunlight

I'm really excited for what Pure Ice has in store for us. I've been buying polishes from that brand since I was about 12 and it seemed to be a brand that was pretty "stale" for a while. I'm glad they have released collections now and are adding new colors to their permanent line.

Pure Ice polishes can be found for $2 at Walmart and Walgreens.

More information can be found HERE.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

SpaRitual- It's Raining Men

This will be a quick post. I got SO MANY POLISHES for Christmas I'm swimming in them. Yeah, it's totally not a bad thing, I'm not complaining!

SpaRitual's It's Raining Men is a periwinkle blue color that shifts pink/gold/light green. It's amazing. I've been lemming this for what seems like ages and I got it for Christmas. It is pretty sheer. This is 4 coats with Orly Won't Chip top coat.

Under bright lights

Under dim fluorescent lighting

I've seen that this is a dupe for Orly's Sky Blue Pink (which I was also lemming *crosses it off the list*). From what I can tell it is pretty dead on.

Sorry for the messy nails. My top coat is turning gross and thick and pretty much ruined my mani. I also forgot to do some clean up. Oops. After this post I'll be switching to OPI Rapidry top coat for my mani's.

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