Friday, August 30, 2013

Update on Life!

Hi Everyone!

I know I haven't posted since April, yuck. I hate that! I've actually had mani's I've done, taken the photos, take off the polish and the photos are horrible. Just my luck, huh? I don't want to post horrible photos, so I just wait off on it. I promise I will have some newer stuff soon. I enjoy blogging and miss it!

Since last time I made a post I told you all that I was pregnant. I was still in my first trimester and dealing with horrible morning sickness (I lost 30lbs, it was the worst!) but now I'm in my third trimester and our little girl will be here soon! Yep! That's right! We're having a girl! I'm thrilled beyond belief! We haven't finished up her nursery yet, but we're getting close. I've just been really busy preparing/cleaning/organizing/going to appointments/making sure everything is set for when she gets here.

So, not too much has been going on. I'm ready to get back into blogging when the time allows for now. I have a Facebook Page for both my blogs. I keep that updated somewhat regularly on new posts, deals, sales, new stuff, giveaways, etc. You're welcome to check it out and like the page.

I'm glad everyone is sticking around and "Hello!" to my new followers! I truly appreciate each and every one of you! I'll be back at it before you know it! :)