Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Color Club- Worth The Risque

Color Club Worth The Risque is a silver polish with a holographic sheen. I bought this a while back and swatched it but never really got around to doing a full mani until now. The holo is there, it's just hard to catch it in some lights. You can really see it in the sun and if you are under a lot of light, but other than that you may not catch it. I actually like this polish, I wish it just had more of a holo effect. The formula is good since it's not patchy or hard to apply like some holo polishes can be. This is 2 coats over base and Orly Topcoat.

 Inside with sunlight

 With flash

I tried to catch some of the holo effect, but it's a bit hard to.

With this polish, I've heard that there have been some with super amounts of holo and others that were duds with no holo. I'm guessing mine is in between? I'm not sure. Every swatch I see has about the same amount of holo mine does.


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