Friday, June 29, 2012

Zoya- Gemma


So since I'm such a clearance shopper, I picked up Zoya Gemma from Ulta a few months back. Considering it's usually $8 a bottle, I didn't think $3.99 was a bad price. I usually do most of my shopping in the clearance section at Ulta since there are some great buys and some hard to find polishes sometimes at my Ulta. I'll have to make another post soon with all the stuff I've found in the clearance section from there, but anyway, on with the show!

I'm usually not the one for murky sort of green colors, but this one definitely caught my eye. It's a murky green with a blue/kind of purple shimmer. I did 3 coats for this look. One coat is very sheer and two coats fixes that, but three is the magic number for me on this polish.

 This is indoors without flash.

 This is indoors with flash.

  Indoors without flash but under fluorescent lighting.

A better look at the shimmer.

Have you seen any other polishes like this one? It's an amazing color!


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