Wednesday, August 8, 2012

L'Oreal Bijou Crystals- B. Impulsive

I've had this polish for a year or so and I found it at a discount store. Since I found it at a discount store I'm guessing this is discontinued or it's just an older line.

I have an older post (probably one of my first ones) with another polish from this line. I really love the colors but the polish seems kind of thick and drags over my nails. I believe I have another polish in my collection from this line so I'll see if it is doing the same thing. It could be because the polish is older, but I have a few that are older than those polishes and doesn't have that problem.

Anyway, this is China Glaze base coat, 3 coats of B. Impulsive and Orly topcoat. It is a gorgeous medium purple that has a bit of metallic shimmer in it's base that is seen in bright lights. It's full of scattered rainbow glitter that just adds to the color.

Under florescent lighting

With flash

I love this color, just not a fan of the formula.


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